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Dreamcatcher Green XL


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Everyone has dreams: think of your dreams, believe in them and make them come true!
Catch your dreams with this fantastic handmade dreamcatcher of House of Nature. Amazingly beautiful by the sheer size (diameter 67cm, height 170cm!). The dream catcher is a colourful enrichment for every (bed) room, hallway, garden or balcony. Did you know that a dreamcatcher stops bad dreams and passes good dreams on to the dreamer? Oh yes, every dreamcatcher is handmade and unique: you are the only one with this dreamcatcher :)
 Do you want a custom made dreamcatcher in a different color or size? Please contact us.
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SKU HN1116-green-xl
Height 170cm
Diameter 67cm
Brand House of Nature
Made in Netherlands
Lead Time In Stock

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