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Cow on Wall


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COW ON WALL - Cow leather and cow prints are hip and uber fashionable nowadays, but you have never seen them that subtle on the wall. Instead of a photo frame with happy faces this is one with a soft cuddly fur. This is a unique product and every item is one of a kind. Each cow leather print is different and custom cut. All frames are exclusive and bought at different art markets, fairs or other places we visit.
Because taste is personal we offer you the flexibility to choose your cow leather print and the color of your frame. We will custom cut the cow leather, look for a suitable frame and make you a beautiful exclusive painting. Get your cow on the wall now.
If you have any questions or requests, e.g. frame style, frame size, etc. please add them below, we are very happy to help to get you your perfect match.

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SKU HN1117
Material Genuine Leather
Length 20-25cm
Width 13-20cm
Brand House of Nature
Made in Netherlands
Lead Time 4-5 business days

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